Colonel E. H. Taylor's Tornado Survivor Bourbon

Blake 1 minute read

Leave it to Whiskey in downtown Durham, NC to introduce me to a bourbon with a very interesting story and a very delectable flavor profile! Colonel E. H. Taylor, Jr. was a pioneer of the bourbon industry who saw as many as 7 of his own distilleries come and go throughout his lifetime. It just so happens that one of Colonel Taylor’s very own rick houses was hit by a nasty tornado, rendering the structure roofless and exposing the contained barrels to the raw elements. This unexpected turn of events altered the aging process of the bourbon and resulted in an astonishingly unique bourbon. After losing a whopping 63.9% of the original barrel contents to the Angel’s Share, the remaining bourbon was very dark and concentrated in color and flavor, which in my opinion, made for an amazing bourbon.

If not for the story alone, you have to try one of these very rare bottles of the Colonel’s bourbon. With only 93 barrels affected by this silver lined disaster, you will have a hard time finding any to try. If you ever find yourself milling through the menu at Whiskey in Durham, just ask Drew for a dram of the Tornado Survivor and you will not be disappointed (unless you don’t like spending $25 on a glass of bourbon)!

You can find the press release from Buffalo Trace here.