It's Febrewary!

Blake 2 minute read

Another wonderful winter month is upon us, bringing snow, sleet, rain, strange heat waves, bitter cold fronts, and acute cabin fever to us here at the Bourbon Journal. As much as I enjoy staying inside and watching bizarre documentaries from my Netflix Instant Queue, there comes a point when I just can’t stand to be cooped up any longer! So, to give rhyme to the reason, we have created Febrewary. No, this is not a typo, but rather a tribute to the men and women who have dedicated their lives to bettering the human experience through the profound art of beer brewing. Yes, you heard correctly, this month we are doing a beer thing.

Raleigh is home to several wonderful micro-breweries, all of which happily open their doors for tours and gratuitous product sampling. These folks love to see people enjoy their beer so much, they practically give it away to the eager swaths of beer drinking goons, goons that I proudly associate myself with. As it follows, the Bourbon Journalers have decided to set our bourbon glasses to the side this month and focus on some of the outstanding beer brewing that is taking place right in our own backyard!

We are going to be (have actually already started) visiting every local brewery that we can feasibly get around to in a month’s time. For each brewery that we visit, we will make sure to comment on the overall experience, the tour, the people, and of course, the beer. Hopefully we can help to promote some of our local breweries while giving your readers the inside scoop on some interesting things to do in our neighborhood! After all, what better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than getting to know some people with common interests while learning about and drinking some of the worlds best beer?

If you are a home brewer or brewery owner and would like to give us a tour of your setup, please contact and we will be happy to make a visit! We are looking forward to this exciting month, and hopefully, getting to meet some of our readers!