Blake 2 minute read

A lot has happened in the past 3 months, perhaps too much to include in one blog posting. I’ll do my best to recap the highlights (in chronological order): Pruitt and I have both changed day jobs, however I was lucky enough to get to stay in Raleigh. Pruitt’s new job temporarily relocated him to Boston, which has, at the very least, given him the opportunity to get the good bourbon word out to all those “city slickers” up north (no offense if you happen live above the Mason Dixon). The Bourbon Journal BBQ cooking team (Geoff, Shay, Todd, Kevin, and myself) won 1st place in the Cary BBQ Classic for our delicious pulled pork BBQ paired with a Shiver family secret sauce. Geoff, one of my best bourbon buddies, quit his job to go apprentice as a web developer with some of the technical bosses at Groupon. My wife and I celebrated our 1-year anniversary on the beautiful St Simon’s Island, complete with a bottle of Noah’s Mill and a genuine shrimping boat excursion. But most notably, my good old Clemson Tigers pulled it together and won the ACC Championship this year (FINALLY)!

It has been a busy 3 months, but there is no excuse for such a long sabbatical from the Bourbon Journal. I have been working to build momentum by drafting some new bourbon reviews, including Angel’s Envy, Willet, Noah’s Mill, and several variations of the Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection. All are phenomenal bourbons that were quite a pleasure to review! I also have a long list of topics that I am very excited to write about.