Woodford's Finest - The Master's Collection

Blake 2 minute read

Nestled in the rolling hills of Versailles, Kentucky, at the Woodford Reserve distillery, we discovered a nice little gem in the Labrot and Graham repertoire: the “Master’s Collection”.

More than just a distinguishable bottle, this bourbon has become one of our favorite pleasures to enjoy on the back porch at the end of a long day. This unique bourbon is the only bourbon in the world that is distilled solely in copper pot stills. It is through this careful and time-honored process that Woodford Reserve has produced one of our most treasured bottles in the Bourbon Journal collection!

Each year, Oscar Pepper and James Crow add a new edition to the Master’s Collection. Our current bottle is from last year’s batch (2008), which was labeled 1838 Sweet Mash, and sweet it is! Like velvet on your palette, this bourbon breathes life into your senses as it reveals its impressive taste profile. This year’s edition (2009) is called Four Grain and shows much promise for becoming a worthy addition to our personal collection.

While Woodford Reserve Distiller’s Select is a popular choice for many bourbon-philes, if you’re ready to take a step into the truly remarkable, I highly recommend you pick up a bottle of the Master’s Collection. While acquiring it may not be easy, you are sure to find that it is worth the effort of the hunt. The only package store that we could find it in is located in the heart of bourbon country: Loretto, Kentucky. Some online distributors carry a few bottles, but be prepared to discover that most are already out of stock! Your best bet may be to just head over to Versailles and buy a bottle from Mr. Crow himself.