We buy it, we drink it

Blake 2 minute read

Here at the Bourbon Journal, we love to blog about the great bourbons that we drink. Some bourbons suit us better than others so they make the cut and end up with an honorable mention on our site. Just to be clear to our readers, we only write about bourbons that we drink, and we aim to drink ‘em all at least once! That being said, we buy our own bourbon so that we can write about it without bias or influence outside of the regular old enjoyment of it. I might mention getting our hands on a “review bottle” from time to time, but that is only when I want to taste a bourbon before it makes its debut on the store shelves. Any commercially available bourbon that I write about on this blog has been purchased, placed in a brown bag, and carried out of a store, no bells and whistles about it!

The point of this rant is to make sure that you all, my faithful readers, know that you are reading genuine material when you stop by our blog. We don’t sell out to any endorsements and we certainly don’t benefit from any corporate handouts. We love bourbon because it is a down to earth spirit that can be enjoyed by anyone. It would just be a damn shame to disrespect that in any way!

Now that I got that out of the way, I want to let you all know that we are making great progress on our bourbon reviews page. I know it seems like we have been taking our sweet time putting that together, but you should know that my co-editor and I have been busy bees with it for over a month now. Just when we think we got it all figured out, we find a new bourbon or a new idea and it just mixes things all up! It has also been quite a task deciding on the template for our forum, which I think we have pretty much nailed down now. So keep your eyes peeled for bourbon reviews to start popping up on our site soon!