Bourbon in a Barn

Pruitt 2 minute read

I have lived in Raleigh for about a year now and it didn’t take me long to learn that when you want a good steak, there is only one place to go: The Angus Barn. While the steaks are superb, it’s the overall restaurant experience that keeps me coming back. The Angus Barn is just what it sounds like, a barn; one that just so happens to offer a dining experience unlike any other. From the moment you walk in, it’s five star service. The greeting at the door comes with a genuineness that can’t be faked. Every employee carries an air of pride not common even among the epicurean elite. While this blog is about bourbon, it should be noted that the Angus Barn boasts one of the largest wine cellars east of the Mississippi, and they are just as much about quality as quantity when it comes to their wine. They have won the very prestigious and sought after Wine Spectator Award every year since 1989. If you have time, I would highly recommend that you ask to go on a cellar tour…you will be glad you did!

Once you have had your fill of steak and wine, maybe even a little crème brûlée and espresso if you have the appetite, no trip to the Angus Barn is complete without a trip to the Wild Turkey Lounge. The name says it all…it’s a bourbon haven. Have a seat in one of their oversized leather chairs or love seats. The room is elegantly appointed, the walls adorned with with over 600 Wild Turkey decanters, the largest private collection in the world. The bourbon list is sufficient. Blanton’s and Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit are among my favorites on the list. There is really no better place to sit down with friends and solve the world’s problems over a glass of bourbon. So next time you find yourself in Raleigh, stop by the Angus Barn for a great steak and an unmatched experience, and be sure to wander up the the Wild Turkey Lounge for a glass of your favorite bourbon. And don’t forget to grab a free apple for good luck on your way out the door. The Angus Barn spends $15,000 annually on apples for its patrons - if that’s not the extra mile, I don’t know what is.